The Current Season

Wednesday, May 29, 2024
3:00 p.m. CST

Innovations in Agricultural Technology

Cultivating Tomorrow's Farms

Discussions led by esteemed leaders from Grit Road Partners and Invest Nebraska / The Combine alongside panelists from groundbreaking startups such as Marble Technologies, ALA Engineering, Grain Weevil and more.

45-minute startup panel discussion

  • Marble Technologies - Jordyn Bader
  • Nave Analytics - Jessica Korinek
  • ALA Engineering - Jacob Hansen
  • Grain Weevil - Chad Johnson
  • Corral Technologies - Jack Keating
  • Sentinel Fertigation - Shane Forney

30-minute moderated Q&A

15-minute discussion on systems that support entrepreneurs (Invest NE / The Combine, Grit Road, etc)

  • Grit Road Partners - Ben Williamson and Mike Jung
  • Invest Nebraska / The Combine - Dan Hoffman and Josh DeMers