2011-2012 Season

2011-2012 SEASON

Food Security in an Era of Price Volatility and Climate Change

Lecture from October 10, 2011

Speaker: Dr. M. S. Swaminathan

Read the full news release: Swaminathan: Time to Shift from Green to Evergreen Revolution

Setting the Stage: Why Agriculture

Lecture from November 10, 2011

Speaker: Dr. P. Stephen Baenziger

Read the full news release: Crops Breeder Baenziger: Ag Challenges to Feed the World are Unprecedented

Conflict and Resolution on the Missouri River

Lecture from December 12, 2011

Speaker: Bob Kerrey

Read the full news release: More Local Authority Needed over Missouri River Basin

Green Ag Biotech

Lecture from January 17, 2012

Speaker: Stewart Brand

Read the full news release: Brand: "Wild and Woolly" Times for Genetic Engineering

Water for Food: Think globally, act locally

Lecture from February 20, 2012

Speaker: Prof. Roberto Lenton

The Bold Future of Alternative Energy

Speaker: Dr. Jay Keasling

Read the full news release: Biomass Expansion Would Revolutionize World Politics, Economies