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The 2013-2014 Heuermann Lectures season concluded Tuesday, April 22, with the lecture "The Role of Water and Food Security in Early Childhood Survival and Development:  A Global Perspective."  That lecture, and all previous Heuermann Lectures, are archived at this site, and we invite you to view them.

The 2014-2015 Heuermann Lectures season begins Thursday, Sept. 25, when the topic is "Climate Change Implications for Nebraska:  Managing Resources in a Changing Climate." Please check back later this summer for more about that lecture and other lectures that will comprise the next season.







Anyone who requires reasonable accommodation under the Americans With Disabilities Act, such as interpreters, transcribers, assistive listening devices, special seating, or accessible media, please contact Judy Nelson at (402) 472-3031, jnelson5@unl.edu, two weeks prior to the event to discuss arrangements. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodation to all individuals with disabilities attending any conference or meeting at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Talking with Keith Heuermann

A wide-ranging interview on a lifetime of being a part of agriculture in Nebraska.

View the recorded interview segments.

About the Heuermann Lectures

Heuermann Lectures focus on providing security – and here security means enough to sustain the world – in the areas of food, natural resources, and renewable energy for people, as well as on securing the sustainability of rural communities where the vital work of producing food and renewable energy occurs. Read more about the lectures